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The evaluation plan

The Scottish Government has created an Evaluation Plan for the 2007-2013 Scottish Structural Funds Programmes. This followed recommendations contained in the European Commission’s working documents for the 2007-2013 programming period and also from the increased emphasis of evaluation

Evaluation is a key mechanism for improving Programme implementation. The operational function of evaluation is a key mechanism for improving programme implementation. It focuses on how we deliver the programmes and includes analysis of financial and physical data to ensure targets are being met along with recommendations to improve performance. It should also assess the administrative functions and the quality of implementing mechanisms.

The Evaluation Plan therefore provides a framework and a context for achieving three key objectives:

  1. Political accountability
  2. Improved programme management and performance
  3. The need to ensure that the current round of Programmes builds in an exit strategy for projects and leaves a lasting legacy.

At present there are two evaluations underway – one evaluating the 2007 European Social Fund Shadow Round and another addressing Socio-Economic Policies. Copies of the completed studies will be made available through the Evaluation section of the Downloads submenu in due course. Future evaluations will include one looking at the implementation of Horizontal Themes in approved projects and Community Planning Partnerships.

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