investment investments 

Investment Bonds for Businesses

The Investment Bond is an investment that is designed for investment growth and can be suitable for businesses with various attitudes and the want for change. It’s a long term investment without a fixed end date, so you can invest your business for as long as you like, although similar to many investment companies, there is an early exit charge if you take money out during the first five years. All investments must have long term and short term plans. Benefits of our investment bonds: Invest over the medium-long term…

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europe Programmes 

European Regional Development Fund

The ERDF focuses its investments on several key priority areas. This is known as ‘thematic concentration’: Innovation and research The digital agenda Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) The low-carbon economy The ERDF resources allocated to these priorities will depend on the category of region. In more developed regions, at least 80 % of funds must focus on at least two of these priorities; In transition regions, this focus is for 60 % of the funds This is 50 % in less developed regions   We have worked alongside…

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evaluation Evaluation 

The evaluation plan

The Scottish Government has created an Evaluation Plan for the 2007-2013 Scottish Structural Funds Programmes. This followed recommendations contained in the European Commission’s working documents for the 2007-2013 programming period and also from the increased emphasis of evaluation Evaluation is a key mechanism for improving Programme implementation. The operational function of evaluation is a key mechanism for improving programme implementation. It focuses on how we deliver the programmes and includes analysis of financial and physical data to ensure targets are being met along with recommendations to improve performance. It should…

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small-business Programmes 

History of the programmes

“The vision for the Highlands & Islands is of prosperous, inclusive and self-sustaining communities, where the unique cultures, traditions and environments are enhanced and the region makes a distinctive contribution to Scotland, the UK and the EU competitiveness through supporting people, places and prosperity.” €174,012,587 of Structural Funds aid has been awarded to the Highlands and Islands to achieve this vision through a set of co-ordinated priorities, working in tandem with the priorities of Scottish policy but also catalysing the Scottish Government’s commitment to improving the main sources of competitiveness…

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